How to apply

Application deadlines depend on the course's start date. Most courses start in September, but as our courses run throughout the year, you should contact us to confirm your start date. We recommend that you make your course application no later than three months before your course start date.

International student application process:

In order to proceed there are two processes that prospective students must follow. One is related to admission into the college, and the other is the visa application. We will detail the processes below.

College Admission process:

  1. Complete and return the application form
  2. Send a clear scan of a current passport along with any previous UK visas
  3. Send scanned copies of any previous qualifications
  4. Send copy of IELTS UKVI4
  5. The application and qualifications will be sent to the academic department for assessment. If an interview (Skype/phone) is required, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time
  6. If successful, we will send either a conditional offer letter or an unconditional offer letter
  7. The offer letter will provide details of how to pay the deposit or the full course fees (no scholarship available)
  8. Upon receipt of the deposit the offer is confirmed

Student Route visa application process:

  1. If a Student Route visa is required for study in the UK, we will need to see a copy of a UKVI specific IELTS test with an overall score of 5.5.  Applying for the wrong test is a common mistake, so please double-check with the test centre that it is the UKVI specific test that has been applied for. Please be informed of additional information on how else you could meet the English Language requirements. As applicants can now meet the English Language requirement by obtaining an English-taught academic qualification as specified in the immigration rules (country-specific exemptions). If you were to meet the English Language requirement by meeting this condition, you would be exempt from having to complete a SELT.

    The relevant immigration rules that specify the conditions academic qualifications need to fulfil to satisfy the English Language requirement can be found on the website.

  2. The Home Office requires that we check sufficient ‘maintenance funds’ are available for Student route applicants for the full duration of the course. There are a variety of ways to evidence this, however the most common way is to have had the required funds in the applicant’s own bank account for a period of 28 days prior to the visa application submission date. For more information, please refer to page 46 of the Student route casework guidance. Please note that the 28-day period needs to end within 31 days of the application being made. This means that the evidence cannot be any 28-day period before the application, which will allow you to provide evidence that should meet the maintenance rules. Furthermore, please be advised that you will only need to show maintenance for a maximum of nine months as per the immigration rules; if a course is two years long, you only need to show maintenance for nine months, and not the entirety of the two years.

    The relevant guidance relating to how long funds need to be held for can be found on page 45 of the Student route caseworker guidance.

    The maximum maintenance amount that needs to be evidenced can be found under paragraph 12.3 of Appendix Student.

  3. After receiving the deposit or the course fees, the college can then generate a ‘CAS number’. A CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) is a unique alphanumeric reference number which the Home Office website will generate for us after we have provided all of the course information. This CAS will need to be added to your visa application.

The UKCISA has a helpful guide to applying for the Student route visa. 

If you have questions about your application, contact us!

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